January 25, 2008


Just another day in the life of a GAMER!... 


Gaming FOOL!!!

       *Nuttin but a "G" thang bay bay!!!!  Of course datt "G" is for GAMING!  Shout out to my CLAN "H.O.G.!, sup homies!...  Good of you to show up... just drop me a line or give me shit as you do!...  So, dig the name of my Blog... HOG|BLOG <-- lol.. 

    **To COMMENT on my blog, you gotta register through TypeKey, it's an Authentication Service, shit makes it less of a headache as spammers feed on blogs... nuff said, go HERE, register and leave me a note... 

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August 10, 2008


One of those damn errors that haunted me for a few wks... *It seems when you don't mess with SQL-Databases for awhile, you tend to have to re-learn it... "Yah, headache!"... so with that said, thanks to Quickie who first noticed the SQL Database issues I was having preventing her from posting to my blog... ThanX sis!, so if you happen to come across the error, and if your blogging Movable Type-Yahoo free hosting, you'll find the resolution below... 

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August 15, 2008

Football, Football, Foot in the ass!

My Boys Football Games    

     My boys play for RADFORD HS football!  They lost the game, so WTF?, glad it's pre-season... lol... just mad I had to sit through 2 games and they lost both, my son Anthony is JV and he didn't get to see any game-time "All good sons, Jett plays Varsity, he saw some gametime although he was pulled for lack of, than the fool that replaced him let a defensive guard get through and he sacks the QB!... again, weak ass coaching prevents good players from performing...  don't give a fuck, they just aren't coaching up to par!  bottom line!!!

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August 21, 2008

Past Week...

*Been doing absolutely NOTHING!... lol...  well, a little here and a little there but does that count for NOTHING?... It's thursday and I'm still on "WEEKEND MODE", which means I'll have a full weeks worth of WEEKENDs and start the next one back2back "YES!"...  A'ight been checking out this formerly PICLENS now called CoolIris thingy'ma'jig and I have to say, it's pretty "TIGHT"... it uses several browser image/video search engines including 3 of the biggest of the web, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE & YAHOO!   


Download Cooliris!

Cooliris view

**BEFORE  you rush off and download the software, make sure you know the requirements...

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September 02, 2008

My ISP ie. Cable Provider - Hawaii Road Runner

Road Runner Bandwidth Test 

       My ISP is killing me with the bandwidth, literally through gaming online...  I'm paying for Turbo Plus/Plus, this package is suppose to have 15mb down & 1mb up, it was great at first as I'm able to connect 2 XBOX 360s, 6 of 8 PCs and a PS3 solidly online but as of 2 months ago I started having bandwidth/modem crashes/digital phone issues and just recently stale connection rates...

       *Mike, continue reading for the links, thanks for comming bro!...

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