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       So I'm all into Widgets (top right of page), it's sort of my shortcut on the latest info of what I'm into... or what I've been interested in lately, I use to have a SoCal Sports Widget under my Widget area but got rid of it cause I'm not feelin it right now...  Sports huh?, Just heard about former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Evan Tanner was found dead near Palo Verde, Calif. on Monday, Evan was doing a soul searching adventure off into the desert of So. California.  He was only 37, man I just watched a movie that closely resembles this poor dudes fate, "Into the Wild"...

W   A   R   N   I   N   G   !   :   MOVIE SPOILER!

       Emile Hirsch (based on Christopher Johnson McCandless true life) stars as this over educated but mildly mature college grad that goes through life with his own set of rules, inpsired to just do what he feels is his ultimate destiny to satisfy his beliefs.... long story short, he ventures/voyages to Alaska for the ultimate adventure, to live off the land and play GOD to himself...  IMO, this dude is nuts!, who in God's right mind would do such a thing?... well, RIP Evan Tanner, you did what this dude did and I'm sry things didn't go your way...  He blogged that he was not out to do what everybody feared as "Into the Wild" adventure, he even blogged that if his gear isn't stable he'll be facing some serious problems... outcome couldn't be more of a prediction as he was found dead due to the heat near his motorcycle which police said ran out of gas... Shit is just depressing to think of what could of been going through his mind att...  Me, I couldn't last one night alone away from the ones I love, it's just not in my heart to leave those who love me behind, I want to go before they do....

Final thoughts, *Widgets-Sports-Evan Tanner-Emile Hirsch-Chris McCandless-My own intentions ties together in more than just one blog post, it's the common thought of information that can be available when requested by the author, I started with Widget to unify accessible data which referred to my ridding of the Sports Widget which lead to Evan Tanner's fate that similarily reflects the movie "Into the Wild" based on a true story of Chris M. and in closing my thoughts of why I wouldn't go "into the Wild" mode,...  the end.


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