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Past Week...

*Been doing absolutely NOTHING!... lol...  well, a little here and a little there but does that count for NOTHING?... It's thursday and I'm still on "WEEKEND MODE", which means I'll have a full weeks worth of WEEKENDs and start the next one back2back "YES!"...  A'ight been checking out this formerly PICLENS now called CoolIris thingy'ma'jig and I have to say, it's pretty "TIGHT"... it uses several browser image/video search engines including 3 of the biggest of the web, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE & YAHOO!   


Download Cooliris!

Cooliris view

**BEFORE  you rush off and download the software, make sure you know the requirements...


Hoghitman on CoolIris

Here's me on cooliris

PicLens now CoolIris!

Browsers Needed..

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above� MS Windows 98 or above, or Windows Vista for IE
  • Safari v2.0 or above� MAC OS for Safari v2.0 or above
  • Firefox 1.5.x.x or above� Linux, MAC, Windows Vista, Windows 98 or above Mozilla Browser
  • Firefox 1.5.x.x or above� Linux, MAC, Windows Vista, Windows 98 or above Mozilla BookMarks 

    *You'll find that having a good Vid card (GPU) will make your CoolIris a remakable visual experience!  -I have the plugin on my GAMER PC, running Vista Ultimate/8800 GTS sli w/ 4 Gig of OCZ PC2 8500... yah, it's very pleasant!

    *The CoolIris software are now being utilized for Windows Powerpoint users, college and business presentations and even web heads like me for extra oomph to any presentation or graphic design... Man, I can search pictures by the thousands rather the click here and there method used for google... just amazing!  Loads of developer features and "HOW TOs"... 


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