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August 10, 2008


One of those damn errors that haunted me for a few wks... *It seems when you don't mess with SQL-Databases for awhile, you tend to have to re-learn it... "Yah, headache!"... so with that said, thanks to Quickie who first noticed the SQL Database issues I was having preventing her from posting to my blog... ThanX sis!, so if you happen to come across the error, and if your blogging Movable Type-Yahoo free hosting, you'll find the resolution below... 

1) Open up your phpMyAdmin control panel (if you haven't installed phpMyAdmin then please follow the steps on the page:http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/webhosting/mysql/mysql-18.html)
2) Select the Database you are having trouble with
3) You should see a list to tables in the center of phpMyAdmin
4) For the table that is being called and having troubles mark the check
box next to the left of the table name
5) Below the table names you will see another <select> box that is
labeled "With Selected:"
6) From the <select> choose "Repair Table"
7) Wait. you don't need to do anything to make it start the repair.
8) Once the repair is finished, it will display a screen that says if
the repair was successful or not.

Cool Thanks to Mike (aka sheepshank) @ http://forums.sixapart.com/index.php?showtopic=66245&pid=264575&mode=threaded&start=#entry264575


August 13, 2008

Myspace GAMER TAG instruction...


*This is for a friend of the wifee trying to put up a XBOX 360 Gamer Tag on Myspace...  as some know, Myspace originally had open access code for flash/.swf files but 2 yrs ago it all went to shit cause some genius wanted to run scripts through their code manipulating worms/trojans/spamware through myspace...  Tommy got smart and incoporated some coders to block features of flash/.swf files, now we can't even navigate through flash on myspace...  oh well, there's some walk arounds (see topbanner flash @ (http://myspace.com/teinesunshine_envy) and how I layered a navigation link for the 6thC crew...  Secret though, won't tell you about it untill you email me and BEG!!!!, j/p...


The topic above is an explanation to why it's dificult to use certain [object] tags...  below are the steps to getting your gamertag (as a flash) to work on myspace, well more like the copy and paste version provided by MyGamerCard.net...

*Here's the step to getting your 360 gamertag on Myspace...  You need to know that the XBOX gamertag is only available via .png extension, to get your flash version, just do the following...

MyGamerCard.net LINK!

- hit the GamerCard banner which will direct you to the 360 GamerTag creator...

- in order to create one, you must already have an XBOX live ID/Gamertag already configured, if you don't you'll need to log-in to XBOX live and create one @ LIVE.com....

- put your ID/GAMER TAG name in as shown and your gold!  *You can register through MyGamerCard to get more out of your card, explanations are easy so get yours started!



August 14, 2008

MySpace and me...


     What can I say about the MOST informative/interactive/socialable network in the world!  lol...  I mean, who would think of taking a forum style-interactive server and turn it into the world's most dominant resource for artists and clash it with the regular mass!  yah, there WAS black-planet and several other popular servers that seem to catch the mass but MySpace is 7 years and running!  and shit, damn near every artist that's popular is on it!, not to mention it MADE some of the biggest artist there is today...  *more on Tila read on...

Tila Tequila MySpace Flik

     - well, she's not big at all, Tila Tequila (birth name:Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) stands 4'11 and yah, I even added her as a friend way before she hit the hollywood lights.

Mini Biography

Singapore-born, Houston-raised Tila 'Tequila' Nguyen has become a pop culture sensation. She is one of the most popular personalities in cyberspace, breaking records on the ultra-successful MySpace.com website, with a record breaking 1.4 million friends.

Raised in a Buddhist temple, the Vietnamese teenager soon rebelled against her strict upbringing, developing into an out-spoken tomboy before being discovered by international magazine editors. Since then, this Texan beauty has graced the covers of numerous magazines including Maxim UK and Stuff, was recently listed on Maxim Magazine's 'Hot 100' list for 2006, and is featured in Rolling Stone's 2006 'Hot Issue'.

A musician at heart, Tila's much anticipated debut release will be out later this fall, after finishing in the studio with platinum and multi-platinum producers such as Lil Jon, Junior Sanchez and DJ Lethal.

A versatile artist, Tila has made numerous television and film appearances, including an upcoming cameo opposite Adam Sandler in the Universal Pictures feature I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007).

Her "Tequila" nickname originates from a near fatal drinking experience. Ironically, Tila is allergic to alcohol.


     MySpace was like the creation of Napster!  One Geeky guy working on a P2P server (ie. like Bearshare-LIMEWIRE etc..) code that went global and now YouTube!... wth?... lol... time is fast and I'm just floating along with it...


August 15, 2008

Football, Football, Foot in the ass!

My Boys Football Games    

     My boys play for RADFORD HS football!  They lost the game, so WTF?, glad it's pre-season... lol... just mad I had to sit through 2 games and they lost both, my son Anthony is JV and he didn't get to see any game-time "All good sons, Jett plays Varsity, he saw some gametime although he was pulled for lack of, than the fool that replaced him let a defensive guard get through and he sacks the QB!... again, weak ass coaching prevents good players from performing...  don't give a fuck, they just aren't coaching up to par!  bottom line!!!

WK#1 23AUG2008;  against Aiea, Good Games, both JV & Varsity won, Anthony started on defense, great defensive game, Jett played the latter of 3rd & 4th quarter on his game, though injury to his big toe kept him from starting, they MASHED Aiea with a 49 to 9 WIN!... Good shit!, [1 W-JV] [2 W-V]

WK#2 29AUG2008;  Impressive game RAMS!, first game was JV, Anthony started on Defense and stayed on for 3 qtrs... *@ the 4th, it was 29-0 and the coaches subbed in the backups...  Varsity started short after, although struggled with mistakes they managed to pull through at the end with a 22-21 Win over Moanalua's tough Offense...  Really good game if not for some questionable calls by the refs...  Overall, great start for JV & Vars... [2 W-JV]  [2 W-V]

WK#3 05SEP2008;   Another HARD GAME with a BIG "W" for the RAMS!  Campbell High School JV team couldn't hold the RAM's Defense, the O was very limited to the strength of the RAM's D!  Varsity put on a hard battle to win their game, shutting down Campbell's fast offense!  Great games, worth sitting in the very tight seating @ Radford Stadium... oh, and the weather wasn't a factor, it was quite cool!!  Go RAMS!!  [3 W-JV]  [3 W-V]

03SEP2008;  UPDATED [5W|1Loss-JV] [5W|1Loss-V]


August 21, 2008

Past Week...

*Been doing absolutely NOTHING!... lol...  well, a little here and a little there but does that count for NOTHING?... It's thursday and I'm still on "WEEKEND MODE", which means I'll have a full weeks worth of WEEKENDs and start the next one back2back "YES!"...  A'ight been checking out this formerly PICLENS now called CoolIris thingy'ma'jig and I have to say, it's pretty "TIGHT"... it uses several browser image/video search engines including 3 of the biggest of the web, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE & YAHOO!   


Download Cooliris!

Cooliris view

**BEFORE  you rush off and download the software, make sure you know the requirements...


Hoghitman on CoolIris

Here's me on cooliris

PicLens now CoolIris!

Browsers Needed..

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above� MS Windows 98 or above, or Windows Vista for IE
  • Safari v2.0 or above� MAC OS for Safari v2.0 or above
  • Firefox 1.5.x.x or above� Linux, MAC, Windows Vista, Windows 98 or above Mozilla Browser
  • Firefox 1.5.x.x or above� Linux, MAC, Windows Vista, Windows 98 or above Mozilla BookMarks 

    *You'll find that having a good Vid card (GPU) will make your CoolIris a remakable visual experience!  -I have the plugin on my GAMER PC, running Vista Ultimate/8800 GTS sli w/ 4 Gig of OCZ PC2 8500... yah, it's very pleasant!

    *The CoolIris software are now being utilized for Windows Powerpoint users, college and business presentations and even web heads like me for extra oomph to any presentation or graphic design... Man, I can search pictures by the thousands rather the click here and there method used for google... just amazing!  Loads of developer features and "HOW TOs"... 

August 24, 2008

PHELPS for PRESIDENT!, Totally proud of this dude!

The REAL GAMER of the Olympics!

THE REAL GAMER of the 2008 Olympics!

Practically OWNED the Olympics!

THE O KING! *VIDEO titled "Images of Michael Phelps' 8 gold medals!" *WTPhelps!!!!! dude is AMAZING!, I know this is old news but after watching his footage on Yahoo Sports and hearing the introduction to his video footage, It sent so much EXCTEMENT through me that I had to post it! He's a PHENOM!, 8 str8 GOLD medals and 7 world records!, dude, you are a FISH!  3 Olympics and he's ready for #4!

CoolIris layout

CoolIris Flicks! through Google!

*Keep reading for BIO by Sports Girl Veronica Romm.....

Sports Girl Blog banner...

The following was written by Veronica Romm @


Athlete Profile: Michael Phelps

       I am thrilled that Michael Phelps is doing even better than expected. This is the post I did on him prior to the games.

Original post date 7/20/08

      If it were anyone else competing in eight Olympic events, the question asked would be which of those events could he win. Because we are talking about Michael Phelps, the question is turned upon its head. Are there any events he could lose?


This is from Athen in 2006 and we know he answered the question.

Phelps bio:

  • 1985

    • Michael Phelps was born on June 30, 1985 to Debbie and Fred Phelps.  He has two sisters, Whitney and Hillary.

  • 1992

    • At age seven, he began swimming.  His sister Whitney was also a swimmer and was a member of the 1994 World Championship Team.

  • 2000

    • Placed 5th in 2000 Olympic Games for 200m butterfly (1:56.50)

  • 2001

    • First Place and broke world record for 200m butterfly (1:54.5 8) at LC World Championships

  • 2002

    • Three first place and two second place finishes at Pan Pacs (1st place in 200m individual medley relay (1:59.70), 400m medley relay (4:12.48), 4×100m medley relay (3:33.4 8) [world record] and 2nd place in 200m butterfly (1:55.41), 4×200 free relay (7:11.81)

  • 2003

    • Three first place and two second place finishes at the LC World Championships, including breaking five world records at the meet (1st place in 200m butterfly (1:54.35), 200m individual medley (1:56.04) [world record], 400m individual medley (4:09.09) [world record] and 2nd place in 100 m butterfly (51.10), 4×200 free relay (7:10.26). He was the first person to win in three different strokes in one national championship. [Note: his other three world records were achieved during the semi-final rounds]

    • Awarded the Sullivan Award (given to the top amateur athlete)

    • He graduated from Townsend High School in Townsend, Maryland.

  • 2004

    • The first American to win eight medals (6 gold, 2 bronze) in one Olympiad [Note: Mark Spitz won 7, although they were all Gold.]. He was also the first swimmer to ever qualify for six individual events at one Olympiad.

    • Gold Medals: 100m butterfly (51.25), 200m butterfly (1:54:.04), 200 m individual medley (1:57.14), 400 m individual medley (4:08.26), 4×200m free relay (7:07.33)

    • Bronze Medals: 200m free relay (1:45.32) and 4×100m free relay (3:14.62)

    • First place at SC World Championships for 200m free relay (1:43:59)

    • Began attending classes at the University of Michigan.

  • 2005

    • Four first place finishes at the American Short Course Championships: 200 yd freestyle (1:32:08); 400 yd IM (3:42.74); 100 yard Freestyle (00:42.53); and 200 yard IM (1:42.78), a second place finish in the 4×100 free relay (2:57:49) and a third place finish in the 200 yd breaststroke (1:58:31).

    • At the 2005 World Championship Trials he placed first in all five competitions: 400 Freestyle (3:47.79); 200 Freestyle (1:46.44); 100 Butterfly (51.34); 100 Freestyle (49.00); and 200 IM (1:57.4).

    • He followed this up with a clean sweep at the Stanford University Invitational Grand Prix finishing first in all six events: 100 Back (54.92); 400 IM (4:17.06); 400 Free (3:51.94); 200 Back (1:59.94); 200 Fly (1:57.31); 100 Free (49.82). 

    • For the World Championships in Montreal, Canada (from July 17th to the 31st), Michael Phelps won five golds and a silver medal (this includes three golds for the relay).

  • Other Stuff about Michael:

    • Hobbies and Interests: Lacrosse, baseball, soccer, video games (XBox)

    • Favorites: food = lasagna, pretzels, cheeseburgers, French vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone, music = rap, movie = Austin Powers

    August 25, 2008



    My MOST FAV GAME in the 80s

    MY MOST FAV 80's GAME!

    **If the ABOVE LINK doesn't work, just copy & paste this LINK to your broswer and hit ENTER...


         *Talk about classics, this was the GAME back in the day!  I remember NAMCO had a sit-down version made in Japan and the stand up version were made in the US... (or maybe not) but I'm sure there were various versions of the game!  I was taught by DRUNKS how to play, they showed me simple paterns that seem to void the Ghosts' attacks, it was fun especially when you can last almost 30 minutes with one quarter... oh and than there was the bad days when you couldn't get past the orange levels so out came the string & the bandaide lol... I'm not saying I did it...  lmao...  IMO, Pacman, Mrs. Pacman were SMASH Hits of the 80s, sure there was Donkey Kong Jr, Dig Dug, Hamburger, Asteroids, DEFENDER but in 1982-83, I wasted so many quarters and still couldn't resist heading back home to get MORE change to UP my initials on PACMAN's HIGH SCORE list... well look how far GAMING has come!, I can't imagine the next level as OpenGL 3.0 is on the rise as well as physX, HAVOC and many new architectures paving the road for the NEXT gen gaming!...  Shit, I can barely keep up with the hardware demand, SLI'd in 2004, 2008 so it seems I'll make my way to Quad-SLI in 2012... lol... um, no... try 2009!... yah!