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Crysis THE GAME!

      Crysis is by CRYTEK!, a revolutionary company of the engine also named CRYTEK...  I'm a big fan of the game as I've had it since opening day!  Crysis is the BEST HIGH END game out to date!, I can't get enough of it!  I've been waiting patiently for this game for over 2 yrs and when it realeased, it was everything I wanted in the game! 

    A BIG fan of FAR CRY!, I knew Crytek would break another MOLD in the HIGH END Gaming business!  Built to take advantage of Quad Core technology it pushes the PC where the 360 & PS3 can't follow!  It takes it further by utilizing 64 bit architecture in it's source code enabling stunning graphics!, amazing detail to add to the already OUTSTANDING rendering of the game!  

     *I played through the game and still play it when I'm in the move to take a trip into the PERFECT virtual world of...

Sample pics from Crysis @ 64bit...

*Wanna know how to play Crysis @ 64bit, see below!     


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