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HOG CLAN! http://hogclan.net

      *What can I say, H.O.G. or House Of Grief!, has been my family online for gaming for over 4 yrs now!  We've been through allot, I've made allot of good friends and had no problems with anybody...  I make it a point to educate my CLAN and learn from them as well, everything and anything revolving around Gadgets | PC HARD/SOFT | INTERNET | NETWORKING and anything TECHNOLOGY...  yah, all these things are closely related to GAMING...  and to be an Advance Gamer, you have to be well rounded in each category...  well there's more than that but I'll follow that up in a different topic... 



HOG CLAN FORUM | MULTIMEDIA *If you entered from an external link, Permalink the topic...

     *HOG is lead by Dangerous BOB (db-dood) who is the original creater and the "MAN" that pays the bills...  His BIO is mysterious as he doesn't share much about himself, well only when he's on the happy juice... lol...

Boss HOG

    HOG | Dangerous Bob  

Big HOGs 


    HOG | Abelett

    HOG | Bro]{en

    HOG | Canislupus

    HOG | -=CID=-

    HOG | Diss

    HOG | FatBoySpiffy

    HOG | F!ReW!Re

    HOG | Five-0

    HOG | <|>FL!P<|>


    HOG | !-!|+m@n

    HOG | Jasper

    HOG | 'jukies?

    HOG | LadyBro]{en

    HOG | Metalic

    HOG | OUCH

    HOG | PorkChops

    HOG | Pounder

    HOG | QuickTrigger

    HOG | Skeet

    HOG | Smoke

    HOG | Suave Canadian

Junior HOGs (recruits & trainees)   

    hog | AngryBeaver

    hog | BaSic

    hog | wOOt***

Fairweather HOGs 

    HOG | BrotherSpeed

    HOG | CL@WN

    HOG | <ll>Fab<ll>

    HOG | fleshwound

    HOG | Gip$ta

    HOG | Halfbaked

    HOG | MaTT

    HOG | Mr. Pullout

    HOG | OutKast

    HOG | poopy?

    HOG | Pylon


    HOG | -RoadRunner-

    HOG | SpiffyJoe

    HOG | SwitchBlade

    HOG | Turbo

    HOG | VaCo


Inactive HOGs  

    HOG | agent.Zero

    HOG | AgressivePerfector

    HOG | BBGun

    HOG | Chingon

    HOG | (>Fat--T<)


    HOG | Jim Lahey

    HOG | Kickedbk

    HOG | NoobChick

    HOG | PIGvomit

    HOG | SammyTheBull

    HOG | SEXyK

    HOG | Shadow_Ninja

    HOG | Shylock

    HOG | $mokey

    HOG | St@rfish


    HOG | tonster

    HOG | Xerc!$m 

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