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     *We are a gaming clan consisting of dedicated players. If you don't play COD4 XBOX LIVE or you do and not a dedicated gamer then our clan is not for you.


     Clan members must be located in the United States.

     You must have a broadband connection and a XBOX LIVE Account with good standings!, NO bad history must be traced to your GAME HANDLE!

     You must be 18 or over...

     You must own a fully working microphone. Listening only is not acceptable.

     You must wear the Clan tag before your name, in the format {6thC} (spaces are allowed between the tag and your name] i.e. {6thC}] Example. This must be visible at all times.

     Members must only be in one Clan at a time.

     Members must work together as a team. No mindless heroics unless the odds are against you.

     You must read and learn the 6thC Tactics (Will be up soon), these are available in the Members Area. At no time must you show or divulge these tactics to anyone outside of the clan, you must also undergo the training/refresher matches.


[6thC ELITE Member Mossy adds]

Every good organization has rules...
     Being a 6thC member is one thing, but behaving like one is another. Here is a list of rules we expect our members to obey in order for them to be allowed to play. These rules apply to everyone regardless of their rank and failure to comply will result in appropriate punishment. If you see a member misbehaving don't hesitate to report him or her to the Admin team.

Dignity and Honor
     As a bearer of the 6thC tag, everything you do or say in games, be it on our own servers or those of others, will reflect back on us as a clan. As a member, you represent our entire clan and we want, of course, to look good. We do NOT tolerate any type of racist or sexist abuse and if caught, you will be permanently banned from using our servers. Also refrain from directly insulting other players. Expressing frustration is a normal, healthy thing to do, but don't let it get personal or it will result in a kick, or if it continues, a ban. Treat people with respect so you may be treated with respect in return. In the end, it is just a game anyway.

Clan Loyalty
     Clan exclusivity is one of the main requirements for joining as you know by now. Make sure you are not in any other clan when you apply to join the 6thC. You are free to play on other servers but we do want you to play under your 6thC tag. This shows loyalty to the clan, which is something we hold high in respect. Of course we would like to see in our own servers most of the time.

Starting Rank
     When you join the 6thC Clan, you will initially be ranked as 'Pending Approval'. This rank, or rather status, will remain until you have met all the criteria needed. Members with the 'Pending Approval' status will not be able to participate in the clan matches. As soon as all the challenges are complete and in order your rank will become "Member.' You can also begin climbing the rank ladder from this point on.

Following the Chain of Command
     When playing as a 6thC member you must follow the 'Chain of Command'. Meaning; if a higher ranking member asks you to perform a certain task in the game, then you must comply and execute this 'order'. Naturally, if such an order goes against clan rules you are within your right to ignore this order.

Being Away
     When you find yourself playing a game on any of our servers, and need to be away from the Xbox a while, please consider exiting the game and come back later. This because you are using up a slot that could be otherwise filled by an active player.&nbps; 
Being away for just a few minutes is fine, but if we find you have been away for too long it will result in you getting kicked from the server. You don't need to feel offended about getting kicked, now that you know this is simply a rule. You are welcome to rejoin the game as soon as you get back from doing whatever it was that called you away from the computer.  
Before getting kicked, you will be asked by a 6thC Officer to respond. Not responding will be followed by a warning, and then the actual kicking.

Cheating & Glitching
     Server bandwidth is a precious commodity. Players and members alike or NOT allowed to use mods or cheats on our server or experiment with COD’S many glitches. Doing so anyway can and will result in you being kicked from the server, banned and possibly put on a charge, which may result in you being demoted to a lower rank or even have your membership to the clan revoked.

Staying Informed
     It is your duty as a member to stay informed on clan news and events so that you are always up to date on recent developments.

Account Inactivity
     Make sure to show your face once in a while. Members who have been inactive for more than 30 days may find themselves kicked from the clan. We like our members to visit frequently so we know you are still involved with the clan. If you are kicked for being inactive for more than 30 days, you will not be notified.  
We understand of course, if you have things going on in your personal life, such as school, which is keeping you from getting in the game. You can email or PM any of our Admins and tell them of your situation so we know you are still interested in being in the clan but simply don't have the time to play.

C O M M U N I C A T I O N !
     IS A MUST IF YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE DURING A GAME THEN DO NOT BOTHER WASTING OUR TIME IN TRYING OUT FOR 6thC, example: playing headquarters and one member is capturing watching one door and you are at the other door and you die but fail to say anything which cause the other teammate to die bc of your lack of communication… THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

Tickled your interest did we?
     Membership to the 6th Commandment Elite Clan is by invitation. This means not just anyone can join. The reason for this is to ensure we only recruit serious gamers who are skilled, work well in teams and show loyalty and dedication to the game and the Clan itself.

First things first:
     how does one get invited? There are several ways for you to get invited to joining our clan. An example could be the following scenario:  
You have been playing with us for some time now and we have seen your skill in battle. You play fair and shown excellent teamwork and keep a generally friendly attitude towards other players. All of this does not go unnoticed. After a few games a 6thC Officer approaches you and asks you if you would like to join the clan. You show interest and ask what you must do in order to become a member.

Another scenario could be this:
     You are no stranger to the workings of clans and are looking to join one that fits to your liking. You stumble across our game and notice we are a clan, looking for new recruits. You see a 6thC Member and ask where you can find am officer, an officer is already present and reads your call. You explain that you wish to join a clan, and would like to try out for the 6thC; one being a try-out battle against one of our higher ranking members, the other being our Admin closely watching you play for a series of games in order to judge your combat- and teamwork skills. If the Admin deems you fit for our clan, a formal invitation will be sent to you.


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